Our Vision

“To be the most revered and referred Share Market educational institution”

Our Mission

  • Is to empower the prospective/active traders with adequate knowledge and skills
  • Is to make trading as easy as possible for everyone
  • Is to help the traders to predict the market and invest wisely
  • Is to enable the traders to be foresighted in advising the clients with their investments
  • Is to entitle the individual investors to take control of their financial matters thus liberating them from the cost and conflicts of traditional firms.

Our Mission

Who We Are

We are an online institute led by a group of experienced and energetic personalities with vast knowledge in Share Market and commodity market. Our key educators take a great pride in enhancing the skills and the knowledge of our prospective/active traders. The Chief Educator at Sharemarketshiksha.com comes with a huge experience as a hard-core trader. He also vaunts working experience with few big brokerage firms in Mumbai and Gurgaon. In his tenure as a trader he has come across a lot of learning curves and has amassed wisdom in trading and financial management which he would be sharing with his students.

In his Directorial statement he says that he has seen a lot of traders losing their hard-earned money because of some ill-timed decisions or falling for a fake advisor’s instructions which in turn gave him heartache. So, he thought of a solution and floated sharemarketshiksha.com in order to educate the prospective and active traders to invest wisely by technically and fundamentally analysing the market trend. One should have the knowledge of technical analysis to make an astute investment and get returns in manifold. At sharemarketshiksha.com we teach the technical and fundamental aspects of the market,be it be Equity, Commodity or Currency through our advanced technique of teaching.

The world is pacing through an era of technological transformation and gone are the days where in you needed a face to face discussion with your financial advisor to make your investment decisions, however, with our specialized course you would be able to make your own decisions at your convenience.

What We Offer

Here, you will get an in-depth knowledge about share market and it’s working methodologies through a very effective and professionally designed curriculum. We empower you with the practical share market education and skills required to make your own decision. The courses are designed in such a way that it will enable you to analyse the share market trend and be wise in your investment plans.

Our indigenously developed courses will assist you in mastering technical and fundamental analyzation of the share market. It will give you the bird’s eye view of the industry through hands on training and experience. For the better understanding of the current market trends, our tutors will fine tune your skills and will lend a helping hand in eliminating all your doubts you may have. You will become an expert professional after completing our course.

Our online classes are hugely flexible which will set you free from the hassles of attending the pre-assigned classes and give you the freedom to learn from wherever you are and whenever you can.

Both our online and offline classes are practical and interactive sessions which will provide you with ample opportunity to learn and make a bright career for yourself.

Why Choose Us

  • Our courses are designed to be highly interactive and vastly effective. We have a singular approach towards the entangled resolutions which makes the classes even more delectable.
  • We believe in the old school method of mentoring throughout, hence we offer mentoring services to our students for as long as they require.
  • With the completion of our course you would be able to become a successful research analyst with any reputed trading firm.